Insulation Wilmington NC

60 million homes in the United States are under-insulated. These homes are estimated to  have 47.3 percent higher energy costs

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Alpha Roofing helps Wilmington homeowners save up to 20% and conserve energy on their cooling and heating bills by insulating attics with the AttiCat spray in system.

To ensure your home is properly insulated, it is important to avail the services of a good contractor for insulation Wilmington NC. A well-insulated home will remain warm cool during the summer season and warm during the winter season. The insulation materials are usually graded in R-rating which determines their quality and efficacy. As the R-value increases, the efficiency of the insulation product becomes greater. However, the process of looking for a good insulation contractor may be a bit difficult.

This is because there are many reputed and experienced insulating professionals to choose from. Here are some tips that may guide you in choosing the right contractor.


When you are looking for an insulation company, you should ask some questions. Ensure you inquire how long the business has been operating and ask for a few examples of past comparable projects and review them. A good contractor would offer you photos of their previous work and locations that you may visit, to view their work first hand. They can also provide you with the various options available to enable you decide on the best one.


Another factor to consider when looking for the right insulation company is to check their license status and scrutinize their certifications. This indicates their skills and knowledge before making the final decision. A good contractor for insulation Wilmington NC must have extensive knowledge and expertise about various insulation strategies and the best materials for the task. Ask about the kind of products or materials that the contractor would use on each surface. Professionals are able to advise you on the best materials for the job.


The contractor that you choose should adhere to appropriate health and safety guidelines to ensure the work runs smoothly for all the people involved. A professional firm should have uniforms as well as safety gears for their workers. On the same note, you should acquaint yourself with the procedures and techniques that the contractor would apply in insulating all parts of the building. Moreover, ensure that they have the relevant insurance such as worker’s compensation insurance and general liability insurance. Determine the limits and extent of the insurance coverage as this may help in case of any insurance claim.

Trained professionals

It is also important to inquire about the training of the workers. A good insulation contractor will have highly trained and experienced employees that can deliver the best results. Inquire whether the contractor owns the insulating equipment or usually rents it. But a reliable contractor should own all the necessary equipment as this guarantees you the best results within the required time.


You should agree with the contractor on the starting and finishing date of the project and include them in the contract. The project schedule should be reasonable and accommodate any unforeseen circumstances or problems that may arise. The contractor should be able to finish the work by the set date, as delays may lead to negative financial implications such as losses and further expenditures. Delays may occur due to many reasons, such as if the contractor does not honor the scheduled starting date or does not have enough crew to accomplish the project within the required time.

Quality insulation is a very important requirement of the home. So call a reputable insulation contractor now to get high quality services.

insulation contractor wilmington nc

Insulation Wilmington NC

Insulation Wilmington NC