Alpha is the professional contractor choice for Metal Roofing Wilmington NC. We offer metal from a variety of different manufactures in order to meet your needs. Our goal is to install the highest quality product, that will last a long time with a beautiful curb appeal. Metal roofing will last longer than shingles but will increase the cost of your roofing job. The rumor that metal roofs are louder than asphalt shingles is not true! Please see the manufacture recommendations for and projects metal roofing Wilmington NC.

metal roofing wilmington nc
metal roofing wilmington nc

Advantages of Metal Roofing Wilmington NC: “Studies Show”

  • Double the life expectancy compared to an asphalt roof.
  • Typically the warranty is transferable.
  • Wide range of materials.
  • Hail damage resistance increases compared to other materials.
  • Wind damage resistance increases compared to other materials.
  • Modern painting technologies allow manufactures to provide longer warranties.
  • Metal roofs are reflective and may lower your energy bills.

Disadvantages of Metal Roofing Wilmington NC:

  • Metal roofs can cost as much as 2 or 3 times the price of other roofing materials.
  • Metal panels expand and contract in size with changes in temperature.  If the panels aren’t installed correctly they may loosen over time. 
  • If a repair is needed in the future it may be hard to match the colors.
  • Metal manufactures may void a warranty if the salt content is high in your environment. Please see the warranty from the manufacture you are planning on purchasing your roof from.

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