Don’t feel bad if Alpha Roofing of Wilmington is not the right fit for your roofing project. We understand that not every project or person is a good match, and we won’t pressure you into using our services. Our goal is to find the right fit for you and your roofing project. We take pride in connecting customers with the best roofers in Wilmington NC, even if it isn’t us!

Hiring the right roofing company for your project can be time consuming. Wilmington has over 150 roofing companies and it can be hard to know which company is the right fit. Over the years, we have found that certain projects  just aren’t a perfect match for Alpha Roofing. Each customer’s project has unique needs, and we aim to provide solutions tailored to those needs. That’s why Alpha Roofing has written in the past about other Wilmington roofers, so you can find the best roofing company for your project quickly and easily.

Here are some reasons Alpha Roofing might not be a perfect fit for your project.

Best Roofers in Wilmington NC
Best Roofers in Wilmington NC

Not the cheapest option: Best Roofers in Wilmington NC

At Alpha Roofing we understand that you might be looking for the cheapest option for replacing your roof. While Alpha Roofing may not be the cheapest, we offer quality materials, reliable services, and extensive warranties that will ensure your roof is properly replaced; and that is usually the difference in cost.

The property is not in the New Hanover County area:

All roofers have a service area and ours just happens to be a 15 mile radius of Wilmington, NC.

Possibly selling your home in a few years:

If you’re planning to sell your current home in the near future, it usually does not make sense to invest in a new roof replacement.  A full roof replacement can be costly and it may not be worth the expense if you’re planning on moving soon. Homeowners  can extend the life of your roof without roof replacement. From repairs to coatings, there are several cost-effective solutions that can help keep your roof in good condition until you move out.

Renting your current home:

Sometimes Roofing a rental house can be time consuming, because the landlord or property manager must give approval before work can begin. In order for work to start on a rental house, the property owner  has to be the decision maker even though they do not live in the home and may not be aware of the roof damage. This process can be more time consuming or may not align with what the tenant and owner agree on when selecting Wilmington roofers

Hands On Homeowner: Best Roofers in Wilmington NC

Some homeowners want to have a more hands-on approach when it comes to their roofing projects. They may want to select products we don’t recommend or want something installed in a way that doesn’t meet code, in these instances we usually can not assist. At Alpha Roofing Wilmington NC, we believe it is important to consider the recommendations of roofing professionals and this type of project would not be a good fit.

For some roof project we may not be the best fit! We want to make sure you have all the resources needed to make an informed decision.



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