How Much Does It Cost to Replace a Roof in 2023?

A roof serves many purposes to us every single day. Replacing a roof can be a huge expense, yet it is necessary to protect your assets, your memories and precious moments, as well as provide a safe oasis that you can’t wait to get back to every day. To answer the cost replacement question there are many factors to consider and to understand. The size of the roof, the pitch, the construction/design style, the materials and additional accents (skylights, metal accent, etc.) can drive costs up or down. 

It is difficult to give you the exact cost from this general description; however, our goal at Alpha Roofing is to give you as much information to better prepare you for the expense of investing in your roofing project.  Let’s look at some commonly asked questions to better understand what sets cost parameters. 

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Roofing Companies Wilmington NC

What drives cost?

Costs associated with replacing your roof are not just summed up by materials, labor, and profit. What drives up the cost are the size of the roofing company, number or employees, single or multiple locations, marketing and outreach costs, status and reputation at distribution facilities, education/expertise in the field, licenses and continued education, product and workmanship warranties, landfill dumping and/or recycling fees, price of petroleum, production supply and demand, and your individual design of the roof. 

What drives up the cost of your roofing project has to do with the size of your home, the pitch of your roof, the complexity/simplicity of the design of your roof, and the material quality that you choose. The higher the pitch of your roof (can you walk on it?), the higher the cost. The more complex your roof design with multiple roof lines and added components like skylights, chimney stacks, and roof ventilation boots and vents will add to the total cost of the roof. Another expense is wood decking replacement due to rot from previous leaks, those expenses might be predicted or discovered at the time of replacement. The average roof replacement cost of a single story, 3 bedroom, 2 bath home with a driveway ranges between $12,000-$15,000. The more components you add, the more variance in the final cost. In order to get an accurate cost of roof replacement, please reach out to us via Request Estimate button on our site. 

What keeps costs down?

We all like to save money, keeping roof replacement costs down is very important to all of us. What reduces the cost of a roof replacement project is being aware of what is the current condition of your roof. Have you experienced any leaks, will you need to replace any decking boards? Do you have one layer of shingles currently on your roof? (Having 2 layers of shingles on your roof increases labor costs and recycling/dump fees). A detailed roof inspection is essential to have the best evaluation and expectation of actual roof replacement cost. A home that has a walkable roof line and an “A” frame design makes replacing your roof simpler and quicker. The tear off process is quick and the replacement follows easy to see lines, with less cuts in the shingles, also decreasing the waste of the shingle product. The average roof experiences about 10%-15% of waste in the new shingle materials due to the cuts that have to be made in the roof design. So, simply put, the simpler the roof design, the lower to the ground, and the smaller the square footage; the lower the cost of the roof. 

Why are some companies so expensive?

As you have realized, size does matter. Not just the size of your roof, but the size of the company you choose to hire. Larger companies with multiple “brick and mortar” locations, with multiple employees, truck fleets, and so on have higher expenses. These larger companies provide jobs for many more people and can serve a larger population of people. These advantages also drive the cost of their services. Educating all of the staff, keeping up with industry standards, and keeping up with the quality of services are all parts of the reasons that costs vary. 

Well established companies also care about their reputation and will go a step above to make sure that your project is completed in a timely, clean, and efficient manner. At Alpha Roofing, we work hard to make sure that we deliver what we promise. Don’t just listen to us, look at our reviews from your neighbors! 

Why are some companies so cheap?

Just as some companies are more expensive, other companies are cheap. If price is your driving factor when deciding on your roofing project, cheap is not good and good is not cheap. Most cheap companies have limited staff, limited resources, do not have a “brick and mortar” location, are unlicensed and uninsured, and/or may have just started their trade, or are out of town storm chasers. It is very important to hire a local roofing company, it saves you money! 

As you do your research, you will find that many roofing companies will vary in prices for their components. All of these variances are within industry standards when you’re working with a reputable roofing contractor. Don’t settle for cheap, save money by calling a local roofer that can walk you through the process of your roof replacement.

What does Alpha Roofing offer?

Having a better understanding of the roof replacement process, you find yourself on our website. Alpha Roofing was established in late 2011, born out of necessity, to provide higher quality materials, quality control measures, cleanliness, hassle and worry free roofing.  After 11 years in the business, we have identified key components to provide every homeowner with a quality roof, offering the best materials for our marine, salty, windy environment. We help to empower every homeowner by providing honest and factual information, documented with pictures, about your current roof condition. The more you know, the more informed you will feel to make the right decision for your roofing project. We are a Licensed General contractor, which makes us only one of the Eight in our region. (Read here why hiring a GC is important for all of your home improvement projects). We are local; which means we live in Wilmington, our children go to school in Wilmington, and we take pride in investing in our community. It is rewarding to drive all over our town and feel a sense of pride in all the homes we have roofed. When you need us, we are here!



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